Engineering Services

engineering servicesAt Griffin Filters we understand that every application is unique. With over 30,000 installations worldwide we are experts in providing a wide range of support for your job. We offer the following services:

Design & Engineering

Griffin baghouse filters are ruggedly built for years of reliable service and trouble free operation. All units are designed by our experienced engineers. Our design and engineering capabilities extend from manufacturing individual components through the fabrication of complete multi-module systems. Design flexibility is one of our most valued services that we offer. We can provide standard units or build complete systems to meet the varying job requirements of our customers.

Retrofit Designs & Parts

We can supply replacement parts or furnish retrofit designs to increase capacity and reduce maintenance on existing models.

Ease of Operation

For minimum installation time, almost all Griffin units are shipped fully wired, assembled, bagged, pre-tested and operate at maximum efficiency with low maintenance. 

Customer Support

Our highly trained team of engineers and technical specialists can provide you with the expert advice you need based on your unique specifications that will help keep your costs low and meet all your requirements.

Problem Solving

Our engineers will study and analyze your requirements, give you recommendations and suggestions, and provide firm quotes and delivery dates with no obligation. 


We guarantee minimum installation time, maximum efficiency, and low maintenance – and that our collectors will meet all local, state, and federal air pollution control requirements.