High Temp Ceramic Baghouse

Nova-high-temp-filter-colorHIGH TEMP FILTER

Griffin’s answer to high temperature filter applications, the Nova series can withstand tempures up to 1650°F — more than 1000°F over the conventional temperature limit of dust collectors.

With several unique features incorporated into its design, the Nova series minimizes thermal stress while protecting the jet pulse from extreme heat. Its high temperature threshold makes the Nova an efficient solution for Hot Gas Clean Up (HGCU) Applications as well as a variety of other applications that require a higher-than-average temperature.

Each Nova High Temp Ceramic Filter is custom made, but the following information reflects the most common data from the units produced by Griffin Filters. 

Heavy-Duty Construction

  • Pressure: -20”WG is standard.
  • Housing: constructed with 316 stainless steel for thermal stress and corrosion resistance
  • A cylindrical housing provides uniform heat expansion
  • Stainless steel blowtubes are included for corrosion resistance
  • Support legs designed for heat expansion

Efficient Design

Less Downtime
Pulse technology allows continuous filtration over extended periods.

Increased Efficiency and Resistance
Ceramic filter elements have high efficiency and they resistant to sparks, thermal shock, fire, acids and alkalis (except HF).


Designed to Minimize Maintenance
Without internal moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum. 



  • Fans – available as required, suitable for grade level or side mounting on collector
  • On-line demand cleaning
  • Other accessories – elevated walkway, damper, railing, ladder, insulation



  • Explosive conditions – NEMA 7 or 9 control panels, NEMA 7 or 9 solenoid enclosures, pressure relief devices, electrical grounding
  • Special discharge clearance
  • Pressure gauges and switches – combination differential pressure switches/gauges, differential pressure switches
  • Seismic and wind load considerations