Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridges allow greater filter area in a smaller package. This allows Griffin to design versatile and dependable cartridge collectors for companies requiring smaller, more efficient units for their operation.


Horizontal Load Cartridge Collectors

An economical solution for dust and product recovery applications, Griffin's Horizontal Load Cartridge Collector has a compact design to suit indoor installations with low overhead clearance. It also uses fewer filters without sacrificing filter area or efficiency.

Learn more about Griffin's Horizontal Load Cartridge Collectors. 

top load cartridge dust collector

Top Load Cartridge Collectors

With easier installation, operation and maintenance, Griffin's Top Load Cartridge Collector excels in a variety of applications. These units offer a convenient design while providing excellent efficiency.

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vect-aire downflow cartridge collector

Vect-Aire Cartridge Collectors

Griffin's Vect-Aire Cartridge Collector delivers performance and reliability in a compact package. A  true down flow operation reduces dust re-entrainment, and careful design ensures high filtration efficiency with a minimal pressure drop. Learn more about Griffin's Vect-Aire.