Enviropleat Case Study

Use Minimal Space to Solve Big Dust Problem

A producer of batch chemicals, located in the southeastern U.S., had been operating their process for several years without a comprehensive solution for dust control. The company, known for its chemical blending technology, manufactures polymer stabilizers by combining several chemical ingredients in a blender, then extruding this mixture at an elevated temperature. enviro pleatFrom the extruder, the bulk chemicals are weighed and packaged into drums or bags. Dust is generated at various points in the manufacturing process, including at the blender, extruders, scales, and packaging operations.

Without proper dust control, the dust became airborn causing poor indoor and outdoor air quality, a hazardous working environment, and loss of finished product. Prior to meeting with Griffin engineers, the customer had been addressing the dust problem by requiring its employees to wear dust masks and by sweeping up the dust and dumping it into waste buckets-not an optimal or cost-effective solution. 

Griffin’s local representative had previously sold other equipment to this plant. When he became aware of the dust control problem, he offered Griffin’s assistance. The customer also retained an engineering contractor who specialized in dust control to evaluate the problem and to design hoods and ductwork. Griffin worked closely with the contractor to assist in the proper selection of the baghouse. 

Griffin engineers toured the plant to see the involved processes first-hand and to assess space limitations. They determined that the best solution was their new line of pleated bag collectors, the Enviro-Pleat. The Enviro-Pleat’s ability to filter fine dusts and its easy fit in a space with limited headroom made it an excellent choice. Griffin also packaged the unit with the blower and HEPA filters required for indoor air re-circulation. 

Not only was the customer pleased with Griffin’s ability to provide the right dust collection system for the application, but they were also impressed with the three month delivery time from the time the order was placed. 

Since the installation of the Griffin Enviro-Pleat collectors, working conditions at the plant have improved dramatically. There are no more piles of dust on the floor; the air is cleaner; product that was being lost is now being recovered. And the customer reports there has been a positive effect on productivity.

Enviro-Pleat Advantages

    • More media area per element
    • Smaller footprint
    • Less headroom required
    • Easier element replacement
    • Top and bottom load available
    • Variety of filter materials