Jet-Aire: Titanium Billet Grinding Operation

One of our customers contacted us with a new application at a brand new facility. They needed an air handling & control system to meet the demand of their titanium billet grinding operation.

Griffin's application engineers proposed our baghouse collector model CJA-588-H14 which includes three separate compartments, complete with automatic isolation dampers and controls for on-line service and maintenance. Each compartment incorporates an on-demand pulse panel with local differential pressure indication as well as 4-20 mA output. This system is monitored and controlled by a remote PLC.


Other advantages of this system include:

    • Since there are no moving parts, there is less maintenance.
    • On-demand pulse control means less compressed air is used for the cleaning cycle.
    • Compartmentalized control optimizes service & maintenance, resulting with minimal down time.

jet aire
jet aire 2

The Griffin CJA-588-H14 Jet-Aire is a top load pulse jet compartmentalized collector operating at 39,474 ACFM, @ 175 degrees. With two compartments on-line, this unit operates at an air-to-cloth ratio of 4.66/1.