Sub Micron

Heavy-duty Griffin Shaker Collector Solves Tricky Problem

One of Griffin’s major customers is a worldwide manufacturer of photonic materials for the communications and computer industries. This customer needed a comprehensive solution to its many process dust control problems, for both the existing plants, and for the new plants they were planning to build.

sub micron

This was no simple challenge. The baghouse would have to run continuously in spite of the following severe conditions:

    • 85% of the dust was sub-micron and had smoke-like characteristics.
    • The dust stayed airborne when agitated.
    • Acid gas was present, necessitating the use of a pre-coat.
    • Operating temperatures were so critical it was thought that cold compressed air would create an acid dew-point problem or change the characteristics of the dust.

     Historically, conventional pulse jet collectors were not effective with this particular sub-micron dust. The solution would require a complete multi-module system, including pre-coat, off-line cleaning, and a gentle bag cleaning method. Griffin would supply a complete package, with insulation, heaters, support steel, stairways, walkways, and dampers. Griffin was chosen because of its excellent track record designing for customers with unique applications, and for its in-house manufacturing capabilities.

After testing, a heavy-duty rocker-action type shaker collector was selected as the most appropriate option for performance, long life and reduced downtime. Griffin engineers added several design features to reduce condensation and corrosion. For example, Cor-ten steel was used for its corrosion resistance and strength. The units were made with 3- to 4- inch insulation and heaters that would maintain a steady temperature while off-line. Special corrosion resistant paints were used and walkways were galvanized or fiberglass. Special door designs and seals prevented cold spots and air leakage. Other unique features included quick release cam handles for easy access to the doors and bolt-on heater covers for easier testing and heater element maintenance.

During the manufacturing process, the customer regularly visited Griffin to inspect for quality and compliance with the specifications. After shipment, Griffin engineers assisted with installation, startup and operation of the equipment. Griffin solved the customer’s difficult operational problems and reduced downtime and maintenance costs, with properly selected, ruggedly built, and consistently operating equipment. This customer continues to specify Griffin systems for new plants.

Shaker Advantages

    • Gentler cleaning action than pulse jet collectors
    • Won’t degrade quality of dust
    • No compressed air needed

Common Sub-Micron Dusts

diatomaceous earth           

polyethylene film

silicon dioxide

glass fibers



carbon black

lamp black


paper dust

certain food dusts 

tobacco leaves