Cylindrical Filter Receivers

Cylindrical Filters Dust Collectors

Easy to install, operate, and maintain, Griffin's cylindrical filter dust collectors are an efficient economical solution to dust and product recovery. These pulse jet units provide continuous fabric filtration for extended periods. And without internal moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Like all of our dust collection systems, these units are built to be exceptionally rugged and ready to stand up to heavy-duty use. With a wide range of options, they'll bring you the flexibility to meet your application needs.

If our standard models and options don't meet your needs, we'll design a collector that will.

Construction for Higher Pressure

  • Housing / Hopper: continuously welded hot rolled steel (HRS) construction
  • Pressure for standard design: -100”W.G. for collectors up to 62" diameter
  • Cloth Area: 31 ft² – 2,023 ft²

Efficient Design

Versatility for Your Convenience
Cylindrical Filter Dust Collectors are available in both top- and bottom-load designs.

Greater Efficiency
Cylindrical dust collectors can use fewer filters and have greater efficiency due to increased internal pressure.

Less Downtime
Pulse technology allows continuous filtration over extended periods.


Minimal Maintenance
Without internal moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Convenient Bag Access Points
Standard Cylindrical Filter designs include both bottom and top bag access. Better access makes changing the bags easier and faster.



  • 56 standard models available.
  • Available with nominal 4" or 6" diameter filter bags.
  • Housing and hopper constructed of continuously welded HRS.
  • Control panel in NEMA 4 enclosure standard for all Cylindrical Filter models—shipped loose for field mounting. 

  • Fans – available as required, suitable for grade level, side or top mounting on collector
  • Material deflector – includes tangential inlet with inertial separator to force heavier particles downward
  • Hopper – standard 60° slope with flanged discharge
  • Other accessories – elevated walkway, railing, ladder, slide gate, rotary air lock, insulation, support steel, safety grating

  •  ASME pressure vessel design available
  • Explosive conditions – NEMA 7 or 9 control panels, NEMA 7 or 9 solenoid enclosures, pressure relief devices, electrical grounding
  • Special construction – stainless steelor special alloy steels
  • Sanitary finishes – available for food grade applications
  • Special surface finishes – sand blasting and epoxy coating
  • Top bag removal
  • Pressure gauges and switches – combinationdifferential pressure switches/gauges, differential pressure switches
  • Filter media – singed polyester felt is standard. Nomex®, polypropylene, fiberglass, acrylic and Ryton® also available.
  • Filter media finishes – PTFEmembrane, acrylic, glazing and other acid resistant finishes also available.

Nomex® - Registered Trademark of Dupont 

Ryton® - Registered Trademark of Phillips Petroleum Co.