Clean-A-Batch Systems

Clean-A-Batch Systems provide turnkey dust collection solutions for concrete batch plants.

Griffin Filters offers numerous models within the Clean-A-Batch system capable of providing dust free operation for your batch plant. Whether your needs are for Transit Mix (dry), Central Mix (wet) or Combination; whether it is high or low production; a stationary or portable plant; we have the equipment to give you the assurance of meeting today's environmental standards.

There are three steps during the batching operation where dust must be controlled. These three are:clean a batch

    1. the silo filling
    2. weigh batching
    3. and truck loading

Griffin offers two alternatives for your equipment selection. There can be a single Central Baghouse which draws the dust from each of these points, or smaller Individual Dust Collectors located at the points of dust generation.

Your local Griffin dealer or our factory engineers are available to help you decide upon the most effective and economical approach for your particular plant. Either way, these systems are capable of dust control far exceeding the 99% efficiency required for clean operations.

Clean-A-Batch Systems Options

Central System

  • Baghouse with fan
  • Dust Capture Hood
  • Ductwork Package
  • Hood & Scavenger Ducts
  • Automation Panel

Individual Collector System

  • Collectors:
    • Baghouse
    • Silo Filter Vent
    • Batcher Vent
  • Dust Capture Hood
  • Ductwork Package, Hood
  • Automation Panel

Clean-A-Batch Baghouses

Shaker Model Baghouses are intended for intermittent batching, generally under 20 loads per hour, where there is an interval of 30 seconds or more allowing the bags to be shaken free of dust after several loads. Only electrical energy required.

Jet-Aire Baghouses are used for high production continuous batching. Requires compressed air and electrical hook-up for continuous bag cleaning.

All Griffin Clean-A-Batch Baghouses feature as standard:

  • 12 gauge all welded steel construction designed for -20" W.G.
  • Polyester bags
  • Structural steel for 4'0" clearance
  • Pyramidal hoppers with manual rotary gate.

Suction Hoods

Drive Through Hoods

The Dust Hugger, Model TH-90, by Griffin Filters controls dust with both ease and economy.

Dust control begins with the hood. The hood should capture the greatest amount of dust with minimum energy. An effective hood must allow easy access for both front load and rear load trucks, whether they back in or drive through. The Dust Hugger accomplishes all this while enabling the batch operator superb visibility for proper truck positioning.

As the Dust Hugger hood captures the dust, it is the downstream dust collector that contains the dust while allowing clean air to pass through the fan to the atmosphere. We offer several models of Dust Collectors specifically for concrete batch plants. All are field proven to give years of reliable service.

Back-In Truck Hoods (Models BID)

An economical dust hood for batcher plants, Griffin's stationary Back-In Truck Hoods (13-BID) are designed for back-in loading.  The top section is an all steel construction with rubber sides and front flap. 

Duct Work Passages

(For Central Baghouse System)

Galvanized steel ductwork of 6" and 8" diameter designed for two silo pickup points and one weigh batcher; provides for distances of 15' horizontal and 60' vertical.

Hood Ductwork Package

(For Individual Collector System)

Easily assembled galvanized steel ductwork consisting of:

•Four 5' straight sections

•Two 90 deg. elbows

•Two adjustable nipples

•5'-0" flexhose

Dust Reclaim Systems

Two DRS systems are available for returning collected dust from the baghouse hopper to the silo.

DRS-4 & DRS-5 For use with truck blower and 4" or 5" fill line. Includes 8" x 8" heavy duty airlock with 1/2 hp460/3/60 TEFC motor, fill line adapter and ON/OFF switch control mounted to baghouse hopper.

DRS-3 For use with independent blower and 3" fill line. Includes 8" x 8" airlock with 1/2 hp 460/3/60 TEFC motor and 3" fill line adapter.

EXP4LL pressure blower with 7-1/2 hp 460/3/60 TEFC motor and drive, silencer, inlet filter and check plate assembly. Included are 8' of 3" high pressure flexible hose (blower to adapter) and 15' of 3" hose (adapter to silo line). Silo line not included.

Automation panel is available

Accessories and Options
  • Walkway platform and upper access ladder, railings
  • Control panel
  • Magnehelic gauge
  • Pressure differential switch
  • High level indicators silo & baghouse hopper
  • Silo pressure relief valve
  • Support steel providing for drive-through clearance under the baghouse discharge, 13' wide & 12' high