The right pick for the woodworking industry


A manufacturer of woodcrafted items in Colchester, Connecticut planned to expand an existing facility and had to select the proper dust collection system. They wanted a positive pressure system to pick up sawdust and shavings from three saws, shapers, several planers and sanders. Most of the material was pine sawdust with some fines. The unit would be operated 60-70 hours per week.griffin aire

Why was this customer intrigued by the Griffin-Aire when they heard about it? The total self-cleaning and lack of moving parts got their attention. That meant no operational costs, no need to stock parts and no scheduled maintenance other than to replace bags. The fact that Griffin designed the collector specifically for the woodworking industry further convinced them. A conventional mechanical or pulse jet collector would have been overkill for the job and a cyclone would not have allowed the air to be recycled back into the building. 

Griffin engineered this unique and patented baghouse so it uses the kinetic energy in airborne waste particles to blast collected dust cakes off specially coated filter bags. Then gravity takes over. Operational costs are low since the only energy used is that required to run the fan and airlock. It can run at higher air-to-cloth ratios (15-20:1) than conventional baghouses and there is a constant pressure drop of 3"-4" w.g. The design could easily be adapted for other similar applications where light density, coarse dust is collected. how aire works

For this particular operation, the system was designed so the clean air was recycled back into the building, while the dust was discharged through an airlock into a dumpster. In addition to the other advantages of the Griffin-Aire, the owner was impressed with its quiet operation and energy efficiency. The customer reported complete satisfaction and 15 years later, the unit still runs six days a week. With its expertise in meeting the demands of a specific industry, Griffin retains its reputation for innovative design and application know-how.