Clay Calciner Operation

One of our customers contacted us with an application at their facility. They needed a new baghouse system to replace an existing undersized 30+ year old unit to meet the demand of their Calciner (rotary kiln) operation.

clay calciner

Griffin’s application engineers proposed an insulated multi-module baghouse system. This includes (5) of our model JA-272-E baghouse modules, inlet & outlet interconnecting ductwork with expansion joints & isolation dampers, walkway and service mezzanine, hopper discharge valves, product collection screw conveyor with single automatic product discharge valve. Each module incorporates an on-demand pulse panel with local digital differential pressure indication as well as 4-20 mA output. This system is monitored and controlled by a remote PLC.


Other advantages of this system include:

  • On-demand pulse control means less compressed air is used for the cleaning cycle.
  • Modular design and control optimizes service & maintenance, resulting with minimal down time.

calciner jet aire